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and she joins us to talk about how people over 50 can find jobs. how are you, roxanne? >> i am fine. >> explain what your community service is >> it is a work development training program designed to provide assistance to people interested in enhancing their skills. >> so, when you say enhancing their skills, what do you mean? >> well, first they need to identify what their skills are and the areas they can trust as far as employment is concerned, those areas they want to secure employment in. >> so, what you are saying, if somebody is out of work, they need to start looking at their skills and saying what about me is market. >> absolutely. it is important that people are prepared to assess where they are at right now, to best prepare where they want to go as they move forward in the future. >> give us an example of somebody who has used your services. >> well, anybody interested in the senior service community program, there has to be some criteria. they have to be 55 years of age and older, they need to meet the federal guidelines which relate to their current economic sit
marijuana, the big pot operations are not in it to help people who are sick. >> people are using the cover of medical marijuana to make extraordinary amounts of money in short to engage in drug trafficking and many of these drug trafficking operations are in plain sight. >> feds say they are not going after what they call small time growers, only the big operations. if they don't close within 45 days, prosecutors will pursue criminal charges and seize bank accounts. this is the most serious threat yet to the industry that has grown very fast. especially here in the bay area. robert lyles tells us despite this latest threat, the medical marijuana business is looking to hire. >> malcome is a member of app unwanted club. the bay area's unel employed. >> for more than a year. >> i'm looking far job right now. >> both came looking to earn new w2's in an industry growing like weed, literally. >> i think most people think that the jobs in the industry are all selling medical marijuana. >> organizers of the first annual cannabis industry job fair think that misconception goes up in smoke. >>
removed from city hall yesterday. but as kit shows us, the occupy demonstrators were back at it again tonight. >> occupy san jose is not as big as san francisco or oakland, but it is just as defiant. >> are you ready to get arrested again? >> if that's necessary to take action, i have to do so. >> 12 hours after san jose police swooped in and cleaned up all the tent, they were up again. jerome mills just posted bail and got this tent back from the evidence room and he wasted no time in putting it right back where it was. >> how can you afford to keep getting arrested? >> i'm on unememployment right now. between my rent and insurance, i don't have a lot of money. there are friends that support me, but they can't camp. >> this is the same spot at 3:00 this morning after city workers cleaned it bare. police arrested eight people, but let roy sharyl go. >> the only reason they didn't arrest me is because they don't know how to deal with me in the wheelchair. >> the protesters violated an ordinance that bans camping on city property and say there have been complaints of urinating
>>> can we ever be truly ready for an earthquake. a geologist and engineer update us on the predictability of disaster and what to do if it happens. >>> and hear ow st. anthony's dining hall serving the city's poor and those newly in the need of help. i am susan sikora, and that is on "bay area focus/black renaissance", next! >>> welcome to "bay area focus." i am susan sikora. tomorrow is the 21st anniversary of the loma earthquake. are we better informed about you are advising the next big one, and do activities elsewhere, like japan and even the east coast help us? we welcome a special scientologist and paleontologist from the u.s. seismic mark. nice to have you here. >> good to be here. >> let's talk a little about the japanese tsunami and earthquake that happened on narrow 11th. where they -- on march 11th. were they completely unprepared for this? >> they knew the future, the seduction zone, where two pieces of plate come together and one actually dies down below another, that structure was in japan and historically it produced magnitudes of 7.5, to 8 to 8
and time again. >> she is notorious. why landlords can't stop the tenant. >> excuse us. we want to talk to you. >> and convicted sex offenders working and in some cases living with california foster children. what could have been done years ago to stop this? good evening, i'm ken. >> tonight the mayor of oakland speaks and she has ground rules for the occupy protesters. since mayor quan allowed protesters to return after that night of violence, they have come back in greater numbers. robert lyles is in oakland with what protesters are planning next. robert. >> reporter: dana, now that occupy oakland has returned to its original location here at franco plaza. this movement has galvanized in numbers. hundreds of demonstrators held a candle light vigil for steven olsen. he is the iraq war veteran shot in the head by a police fired projectile on friday night. oakland police are now saying that it is unclear if the projectile was fired by one of their officers. what is clear, demonstrators are back now planning a labor strike for this coming wednesday. they say it is proof that this move
that the mayor said that she did not tell the chief not to use force on tuesday. and only saying he wished she would reserve it until they were back in town. and now the oakland tribune is saying that when he arrived back here in town here, she was receiving text messages from her daughter to stop the tear gas. >> robert, i'm just curious about other police agencies around the bay area. there were 16 or 17 that responded to the mutual aid the other night when the tear gas was lobbed around. and then the city of oakland allows people back in like it didn't happen. like these officers didn't put their lives on the line. what's going to happen the next time the city of oakland calls in for mutual aid, are they going to come or say no thanks, you handle it yourself? >> it is a very interesting question. it's my understanding that it took a number of days for them to get the 17 agencies to actually participate in this effort. now, the city is saying that monetarily, this is all going to be reimbursed by the state. but the real question is, will those departments, given what's happened now agree to
compete for a lucrative u.s. navy deal just before solyndra declared bankruptcy. allen martin, cbs 5. >>> no charges will be filed in the gang rape case. jeff rosen says there's not enough evidence to prove that a group of baseball players raped a 17-year-old student at a party four years ago that. is the same conclusion the former d.a. reached in 2007, siting drunk witnesses who told conflicting stories. >> sexual assault cases involving highly intoxicated people are extremely difficult to prove. by their very nature, these types of cases involve witnesses whose memories and perceptions are questionable. >> a civil trial held earlier this year found two of the defendants not liable. >>> tonight, we are getting a first-hand look at a dramatic rescue in the east bay. firefighters pulling out two women who are trapped by flames and thick smoke. the rescue from the view of one of the firefighters. >> a heroic rescue all caught on a personal helmet camera worn by chris. he describes what is happening during this fire rescue today. >> you're looking at the smoke conditions that are ha
start charging customers a monthly fee for using their debit cards, millions of bank of america customers couldn't log into their accounts today. a technical glitch slowed down operations for most of the day. the site was up and running again by the end of the day. >>> law enforcement agents expanded their search of a remote area for a suspected killer. they are searching a forested area of fort bragg for aaron basler. yesterday, that three-man team from the sheriff's office got in a shootout with that suspect. no deputies were hurt and it's not clear if vasler was shot. he's accused of killing two people, include ago city council member. >>> also tonight, an american born al-qaeda leader is dead. killed in a u.s. air strike. anwar al-awlaki inspired the fort hood major who killed 13 service members. the pentagon had been searching for him for months, but david martin report, the attack that killed him was only the tip of a much larger operation. >> missiles fired by the drone took out al-awlaki's vehicle, making the american born cleric the first u.s. citizen to be targeted an
has given us a tax bill of 2.5 million. >> reporter: what is going on? the irs launched an audit under a specialized tax code, called 280 east. the code was intended to stop the wholesale drug dealers from legally putting out the drugs. >> the irs claims we are a drug trafficking organization. >> reporter: but they are licensed and pay taxes in the city of oakland. in fact, they are in the top 10 of the taxpayers. >> i am holding a check which represents 360,000. >> reporter: they say that harbor side's directors, you will recall they want to expand the dispensaries hoping to capitalize on the increased local sales tax. but how likely is that if the standard deductions? >> for rent, payroll, health insurance. >> reporter: are now denied, because the pot is still federal one, or illegal. >> we'll be taxed out of existence. >> reporter: but the feds are not denying everything. >> this is the crazy part of it. the irs allows us to deduct the money we pay to purchase the pot itself, but wouldn't allow us to deduct for payroll. >> reporter: they say they are fighting back. >> we'll now mov
killed him. as lindae tells us, doctors say the 27-year-old averted tragedyy >>> and what nearly killed him as they tell us, doctors say that the 27-year-old averted tragedy by the smallest of margins. >> reporter: but he cheated death. >> the bite missed his artery and vein by about two millimeters. the 19-inch chunk missing from his road surf board was more proof of the power. his mothered told off he fought off the shark, even after bleeding from his neck and arms. >> he actually said it felt like a car or truck pulling him along. it had his arm in its mouth. it was pulling him under the water. >> reporter: somehow he escapes. he and a surfing buddy swam to shore. >> the wave came, and i piled up on top of the wave. he just smarted yelling shark, shark. >> reporter: it is the second attack in four years at the same spot. but the beach will not close. only warnings posted about the shark attack. the gashes on his neck and arm are closed and doctors can't emphasize how lucky he really is. >> he may have been this close to death, but he's doing so well today that doctors say he will be
after 9-11, have government precautions made us safer? the aclu weighs in. hear how the edgewood center restores help for children facing abuse and neglect. that's on bay area focus next. >>> welcome to bay area focus. i'm susan sikora. two weeks ago president obama offered a new jobs initiative to boost the economy. just how successful will he be with this plan? and how is the bay area fairing? with some answers we welcome "san francisco chronicle" business columnist kathleen pender. welcome. good to have you here. >> hello. >> before we get to the jobs issue which is huge, another ton of bricks fell on the middle class sholdther past week or so and the thu bank fees. specifically with banc of america but rumors other banks will see how to goes and are ready to go also. tell people how it will work first of all. >> it started a week ago friday when banc of america announced they would start imposing a $5 per month charge on all of their customers who use their debit cards. actually not all their customers there are ways around it. but this will start next year and this upset a lot of p
for jean quan. >>> it's a question a lot of us were asking: what do you do with a stolen 2-ton church bell? how theevs plan to move that mefrp -- thieves plan to move that merchandise. >>> efforts to save jack the cat. >>> and the scandal was almost too much to bear. now berny maddof's wife tried to kill herself, and her reaction to surviving. >>> there is action right now on the streets of san francisco of police getting ready for what looks like a raid on the occupy san francisco camp in justin her man plaza. linda? >> reporter: well , ken, hundreds of protestors are knaerthing right now. they are preparing -- gathering right now. they are preparing for what they believe will be as me raid some time tonight to clear out this encampment. they will remain nonviolent. [ indiscernible ] >> obviously we're having trouble with the audio. we're going to try to restab and get back to her at justin -- reestablish and get back to her. >>> in the meantime, the city of oakland has kaved upon police tore up the -- caved. in a stunning reversal, the mayor says that the protestors can go ahead and se
the 15 yards, got a tranquilizer with us. and our officers put it down. >> joel harris shot this cell phone video of a bear. >> a wolf comes from the fence that the bear is in and comes up to the fence and popped right through the fence. >> thompson was well-known to local law enforcement here. he had just gotten out of prison after serving a year and he had been visited numerous times following complaints. >> we've handled numerous complaints here. we've been to his house for some sort of problem with the animals, anywhere from hours running at large to not being treated properly. so this has been a huge problem for us for a lot of years. >> thompson's estranged wife asked officials bury all her animals. including in it, 18 tigers endangered species, there were currently fewer than 1500 remaining in the world. cynthia bauers. >> he doesn't remember much accept thinking he was going to die. a but a trucker involved in a freeway crash is very much alive thanks to heroic young mother that he'll never forget. tonight he shares his story of survival with -- >> most of us crane our neck fo
open because they are not alone under those tents and tarps. mark shows us a nightmarish new wave of occupier, not the protester's only problem. >> tonight, franko resembles a small tent city, but in a series of letters, city officials say they are receiving complaints of rats, fighting, drug use, and sex in public. but the city says it is committed to letting the protesters stay. >> this is a plaza that has a long history of being able for people to show their views. >> leana rice has been here from the beginning and the group takes public health standards very seriously. >> i have been here since day one and i haven't seen one rat. we are policing ourselves, cleaning up after ourselves and making sure that it is sanitary around here. >> the protesters point to food being cooked on grills and grills. >> public urination and rateds are a problem. they are maybe this big, the body, and then the tail, and they clearly have not spunk up in the last nine days. >> all of the city's communications about health issues are setting stage for the forcible removal of the protesters.
just before they fire at those canisters. the numbers dwindled. 200 in the intersection behind us at 14th and franklin. one of the most significant things to happen tonight, again, are those tear gas canisters. one, apparently struck one of the demonstrators in the head. we were able to capture that event actually on camera. as well, there was a direct confrontation between demonstrators and the police at 8th and washington earlier tonight. that led to the firing of grenades to tear gas canisters. even police using their batons to keep protesters back. police are telling us tonight after a late night press conference that they were forced to do that. they say since this morning, they have had kitchen utensils thrown at them. even a kitchen sink, they say. all after they attempted to move demonstrators out of the park this morning. they also say that they have not fired rubber pellets, but cannot confirm if they shot sandbags. 102 individuals have been taken into custody or are under arrest. police are tells us that two officers are injured. several of them pelted by paint balls. they sa
're trying to help us." hundreds come out to hear a new plan to reduce violent crime in the bad parts of oakland. how oakland's mayor plans to change 100 blocks. friends and family step inside the hair salon for the first time since eight people were killed by a gunman. how they are coping with the tragedy. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. the "occupation" movement that began on wall street has now >>> good everyoning. the occupation movement that began has spread around the globe locally on both sides of the bay area are in place despite efforts to dispurse them. the high wood star power that rallied occupiers in oakland today. >> demonstrators marched to oakland city hall joined by mayors. and also drawn by the star power of actor activist, danny glover. >> we are here because it's the right thing to be here. sick of being sick and tired. >> protesters acknowledged they represent various causes to find common ground. >> america is not going to get any jobs, significant amount of jobs back until we have fair trade. free trade has taken all the jobs out of the country. >> it al
california and really used to earthquakes at this point. >> reporter: obviously, some rattled nerves here in burkely. a lot of people asking us, is this a fore shock to a larger earthquake? it's about a 5% chance this afternoon's earthquake and this evening's earthquake could be a precursor to the big one. >> all right, we got that going in our favor, odds wise. those of us who live in the east bay, you are among those people. we've had for the past couple of years, that's little quake swarms, these clusters, if you want to call them that. is this part of what that is right now? >> reporter: interesting question. we've had a series of these earthquakes, and aftershocks today. geologists tell me, it doesn't constitute a swarm yet. swarms can be from 10 to 10,000 little earthquakes. we've had them in the east bay before, if we have more earthquakes tomorrow, or tonight, we may be looking at swarms right now, we're not. >> all right, we still have the rest of the newscast, if it happens we'll swarm in and find out more. thank you juliette. >>> whenever you feel the earth move and you are not
and nails as with murder. the mass shooting at us southern california so on, how the shooter was caught and reagan may have been targeting. >> helping one problem of possibly contributing to another? fundraiser contributing to an east bay school and how it's hurting the battle of the bulge. >> and romance in the era of the bay area tangela. >> good evening, i'm dana king. >> the people of oakland have done it 180. they don't much of mayor quan anymore. the majority of people don't think she can do much to solve the city's crime problem. we have the cities poll results at day after he's not allowed to look in that city. >> chief has resigned but officially says he has no problem with mary jean quan. but as you are about to see in our exclusive scientific poll, it is oakland voters that have the real problem with mayor jean quan. >> she is swept into the oakland mayor's office of january of this year when he just over half of the voters. but the honeymoon seems to be over. >> in fact, an exclusive media five poll conducted today revealed that job performance has plummeted to 26%. more th
incident. >> thank you very much. >>> well u.s. marine from the stockton area has been killed by a hunter in oregon. apparently mistaken for a bear. 20-year-old christopher was hiking with a friend near silver creek falls park. police say he was wearing dark colored clothing when a hunter saw something moving in the brush and opened fire. so far, the hunter has not been charged. the case is being turned over to the local district attorney. >>> it's an unusual sight on bay area streets. gun owners bearing arms in public. a new state law bans people from openly carrying handguns. protesters are fighting back. today in san leandro, people brought out their unloaded rifles and shotguns. >> main concern i have is protecting my family. i had an armed robbery inside my door. i wasn't the victim, but just knowing that it happened, i tried to help the guy out, you know, i decided to open carry. >> these gun owners hope these rallies will inspire legislators to repeal the new law. >>> a horrific case of animal cruelty. someone fired 38bb gun pellets into a puppy. that's not all. ann shows us this
with a few yards from occupy us. >> is getting bigger and we are worried they will take over the spaces. >> how long are you planning on staying here are. >> is until something changes. >> is homeless but everyone is welcome here. >> a lot of the people here are surviving largely on donated food that they are keeping here in this communal kitchen. >> there are a lot of well- meaning people and i think there were a lot of people that were here before occupy san francisco got here. >> they urinate all over the plaza in something -- someone was doing something worse in the spot. >> i think they worry about the elections. >> we had to bear on sunday's early edition. >>> and the city is allowing this to happen quite. >> well yes, we have stated clearly that their first amendment rights that they have been expressing it will be in force and we are allowing that to happen but at the same time we have drawn lines. >> police the bus at the camp wants but recently they have been standing by to watch as public works tries to keep the placid clean. >> we are doing our best to indicate them and we a
.4 million californians trust us with their health coverage needs. blue shield. [ smack! ] [ insects buzzing ] [ male announcer ] when life happens, you need a plan you can count on. 3.4 million californians trust us with their health coverage needs. blue shield. with their health coverage needs. at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible. in the >>> a my pilot who tried to fly from monterey to hawaii. he was on his way to the big island. the 65-year-old pilot called for help 400 miles out. the u.s. coast guard sent a plane to fly alongside the cessna. after an hour and a half, the pilot put the plane down in open water safely 13 miles shy of the big island. >> he did it picture perfect. it was a textbook landing if there is such a thing in t
. >> they are growing more restless with police and the media, the showdown that could becoming. >> yesterday, left us doing what he loved to do. >> the racing world stunned by the death of a champion. the one key factor that the drivers say may have contributed to the violent crash. >> new developments in the killing of a hell's angel member shot at a san jose cemetery during the funeral of another murdered hell's angel. there may be a third dead angel out there. police don't know where his body is. they think other angels dragged it away. video of what is happening at the cemetery tonight. >> reporter: this has to be one of the spookiest crime scenes in recent memory. csi techs looking for glowing blood spater at a shooting at a cemetery. it's the latest in the hell's angel drama that's led to possibly three dead. police say this man was shot and killed saturday at the funeral of his friend. on saturday four thousand bikers came from all over the state. he was the popular president of the san jose chapter of the group. the 51-year-old was shot at the nugget casino september 23rd. the police had a
the past hour the sunnyvale permanent public safety took down the crime scene tape and gave us the gave us the close gave us the close of the fear of bullet holes on his home where all amendment was cut down by officers. the camera is basically where officers were when they opened fire. 284 holes on his home, not including bullet holes in two cars were parked in the driveway. as far as surviving workers, they are talking to lawyers and considering taking legal action against the cement plant. >> another search for someone in the bay area but this one got away. but not before that they really had to be shut down for hours. robert lyles on what happened with that suspect elude police. >> for the second consecutive day, full scale fragment on the bay area streets. this manhunt completely shut down friday at the start of rush hour. >> searching the suspect is armed and dangerous. >> the gunman with the intent to fire on the innocent. >> she was screaming because she was hurt. >> free to be at fight, as long shop owner says it started at an atm and the victim had just withdrawn cash when thi
foreign country is making it worth r while. and now to a terror plot tht reads like a movie script. e u-s government says an elite wing of iran's military --responsible for past terrr attacks.. tried to hire a mexican drug cartel hitman o assassinate the saudi ambasr in washington. the prime suspect is this m: mansoor arbab-seer. he was charged in federal court inw york today. he has duel citizenship in iran and the. bob orr on how the plot was uncovered. evacuation at city college f san francisco --this is the mission campus. police say there's a report of a "suspicious package"... as a precaution, a building on valencia between 22nd and 2d is being cleared and rooms e being checked. we have a crn route and will have more ase get it. he is out of here. oakland police chief anthony batts s had enough. it's hardly beea secret that he and mayor qun don't see eye to eye. today he laid out his frustration. and robert lyles reports, bs wasn't alone. why did chief batts step dos oakland top cop? his first night out of the hospital in more than 6 mon. doctors transferred him fron francisco gener
. but will protesters get the results they want? linda joins us now. >> reporter: ann this growing movement is getting the attention of veterans of the civil rights movement including ambassador andrew young. he says the protesters have to be articulate and organized to change the political climate. others say at least their frustrations are getting a voice. in san jose, several dozen continue the occupation of city hall. 50 to 60 demonstrators occupy the sidewalk by the federal reserve bank in san francisco. they are the lower and middle class, the out of work, the people who lost their homes, all protesting wall street, to them the symbol of wealth and greed. but overnight in sacramento a different story. >> i here by declare this to be an unlawful assembly. >> reporter: occupation at cesar chavez park is allowed, but only during regular hours. but like the tea party movement, can occupy wall street be successful? >> what i think is significant is that it's opening up a space to talk about solutions, because while this is a protest, they have yet to come up with -- to solidify around clear demands.
. knox's grandmother took out a $250,000 mortgage to help with the skyrocketing bills. >>> most of us probably cringe when we remember sex education class in middle school. it was embarrassing for everyone. well now there's a way to get accurate sex education the same place you get most of your information. on the internet. elizabeth cook on the open based internet sex education services. >> sex. it's not a topic most kids want to talk about in the classroom. >> it's not private. so if just makes everything uncomfortable. >> it is weird, because we are talking about it with old people. >> sex ed is usually one class taught in middle school, leaving kids to get information from the internet. you name it, they text or tweet it. >> we are always clicking away. >> the real classic line is, i google it. >> deb says schools are missing the boat when it comes to sex ed. she developed an online hub of information all things sex, including safe sex practices, nearby clinics, and even relationship advice. >> sex education has been distilled to use a condom, actually i should say, wait to
there. at today's burial the only gunfire was the salute from the u.s. military. but as mark shows us police kept a close eye. >> the procession heading to oak hill memorial park stretched as far as the eye could see and it also could be heard from great distances as well. the body of steve cow son a santa cruz member of the hell's angels was carried in a hearse. >> he was a very nice gentleman, very good, good father. good provider, good man. >> reporter: earlier police say about a thousand people gathered at the jubilee christian center for a private memorial service. the only visible sign of police were a few squad cars but police were stationed on the rooftops of nearby buildings and teams of officers were nearby but out of sight just in case they were needed. san jose police say there were no problems. >> this time we were still focusing on the fact there were outside groups coming in and we also believed that it wasn't beyond possibility that there might be frictiontion between the same group. >>> from the air you could see the flag draped casket taken out and carried to its bur
? >> we go back to nixon and kennedy and they don't want to use the makeup and it is this what and kennedy was cool as a cucumber. >> if he was one of the reasons and right now, since kennedy, nixon, all of the stages wherever they have a presidential debate light meat lockers, they are ice cold because nobody wants to sweat. because of what happened to nixon. the sit down and negotiate, can it be colder here, in my podium then it is in the other guy's podium? weird stuff. because everything counts. not just about how you feel about lockboxes on social security, it is the way you say it. and there's many examples of this. >> and also the way you look. look at the women, we saw hillary clinton last round, serotonin, now we see michele bachmann, now a little jacket, it is not the -- a tight bun maybe, very tailored, businesslike. >> the key to it, we have a role in the news hour that i invented a years ago, it is called the -- shirt role. if i am seeing there, i am jim lehrer, i am in the news and i am sitting there with my skivvies sure, why is that full sitting on there with his skivvies s
. >> reporter: the republican candidate used the " n" word, but did that to point out rival against rick perry. and that is very insensitive. >> reporter: but the texas governor's communication director quickly reversed the statement saying, "when my dad joined the lease in 1993, soon painted over the offensive word. it is my understanding that the rock was also turned over to further upsecure what was originally written on it." but cbs5 political analyst says that this could be too little too late. >> even if this word was painted over, they should have explained it and quite frankly deeply insensitive. i can't believe why they didn't move the rock, blow it up, get rid of it. >> reporter: they interviewed people claiming they saw the rock with offensive name still on it during the 1980s and 90s. >> governor perry has been going there for years to hunt. i think that it shows a lack of sensitivity for a long time of not taking that word off of that rock and renaming the place. it's just a basic case of insensitive. >> it was painted over? >> yes, painted over, but how long ago was it painted ov
in a spike in a deadly use of force. >>> it's something race car drivers hear every single time they get behind the wheel and today, the worse happened. a fiery crash claimed the life of a popular indy 500 champion. >> reporter: in a matter of moments, several indy cars collided and burst into flames. british driver dan wheldon was killed when his car was caught in a fiery 15-car pile up on the 13th lap. it flew over another vehicle and landed in a catch fence just outside turn 2. three other drivers were hurt in the pile up. wheldon was working his way forward on the back of the path. his camera, number 77 shows the crash as he approaches it. another driver's camera captures number 12, flipping over and catching fire. >> even if you are 300 yards behind it, you cannot stop the car. >> reporter: the 33-year-old wheldon won the indy 300 twice. this was his 143rd career starts but only the third of this season. indy car canceled the race. >> our thoughts and prayers are with his family today. >> reporter: fellow indy drivers were visibly shaken by wheldon's passing. >> one minute you're jo
't have demands. hay can't come back on us with anything. >> that's why barbara is headed home. >> you have a bid set up? >> yes. >> just standing there blindly repeating what somebody told me to say. >> she came here with her own list of demands. >> the message is, we want decent jobs. we want healthcare bills. >> others are 99ers. those, 1% of wage earners, but the forme black panther. >> they have a long way to go. >> yes, they have a long way to go. >> there seems to be an age divide. older protesters want to build on the anger that built the tea party, while the younger protesters don't feel a need to define these occupations. instead, they believe theology pageses will grow to 1 ,000 cities bit close of this month. >> we will see. robert lyles in oakland. thank you. >>> protesters in our nation's capital could be there through the new year. the u.s. park police has extended the demonstrator's permit by four months. they started their protest thursday to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the war in afghanistan. >> jobs, and tomorrow the president's half a trillion jo
a license. >> what happened if he sold a gun to somebody and somebody used that gun to kill or hurt somebody in a crime? >> it would be wrong. >> he says he is just a simple businessman trying to make ends meet and didn't know better. if convicted, he faces 20 years in federal prison. do you think you are going to win in court? >> you know, we're going to see what happens and we're going to pray. >> in san jose, cbs 5. >>> new information tonight on the man suspected of gunning down eight people in a southern california hair salon. in court documents, the man's ex-wife says he was mentally unstable. sadness, tears, and hugs tonight outside that salon in seal beach. 300 people gathered for a candle light vigil and prayer service to remember those who died and pray for the one woman who is still in critical condition. manuel with new information about the alleged gunman. >> investigators are learning more about the alleged killer, scott decry. >> suspect scott decry entered the salon yesterday afternoon and opened fire with a handgun. ultimately killing eight people and critical
would really like to get the city manager down here to justify her actions and come and talk to us before i come down. >> do you think this is embarrassing for the city? >> is it embarrassing? i don't think so. >> matt overseas the city's building and says it would be too dangerous to send in a crew. so basically he is going to stay up there as long as he wants to. >> potentially. again, we don't have a monoto move him down and we'll take a look at that on a continual basis. >> his wall climb has given the movement its second wind. they have brand-new tents and a food station. city employees we spoke with who work in the building support him. >> he is entitled to his opinion and i'm glad he is expressing it. >> he will consider leaving if the city stops the arrest. >> what's it going to take to have you come down? >> change. >> by night fall, officers came to the roof and offered to have the city manager call o'kelly on his cell phone, but he refused. and the only thing that will make them happy right now is if the city manager actually comes down here and talks to the gr
neighborhood. especially with all the children playing outside. even if it is just for medical use. >> it brings crime to the neighborhood. a lot of activity. >> the woman in that accident had to be taken by life flight to the hospital. her injuries are quite serious. >>> on to break news out of contra costa county . a home invasion turned deadly. police say a man forced his way into a home in bay point and threatened two women, a mother, and her pregnant daughter, fearing for her daughter's life. officers say the mom shot and killed the intruder. it's unclear if the intruder knew the people in the home or if he had a weapon. >> a horrific crash that killed three people. it happened this morning and it appears to have claimed the lives of a trio of burglary suspects. police sate occupants of the car that slammed into a concrete median may have burglarized a food max store. officers gave chase on 880, but the driver exited at 98th avenue. sped through a dirt field and then crashed into a concrete barrier. it's unclear if the driver was drinking, but officers say there was alcohol
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